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The Maggiora Box Town was designed and built by reinterpreting various industrial materials in a modern fashion. Consisting of 21 containers at the foot of the historical Maggiora circuit, it is intended both as a venue for large events and as a way of improving the park on a day-to-day basis. The park boasts a museum entirely dedicated to motocross, as well as designated areas for relaxing and recreation.


  • Among the various features of Maggiora Box Town you will find:
  • – The information center
  • – The specialized extreme sports store
  • – Recreational areas
  • – Showers and other public amenities
  • – Panoramic platforms on all levels
  • – A specialized repair workshop
  • – Solar charging stations for recharging electric motors
  • – A 480-square meter tensile structure containing a modular pump truck

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Among the various feature of the Maggiora Box Town, there is a two-level store dedicated exclusively to extreme sports. FOX, Go Pro, Skull Candy, Ogio, TC222, Evoc and 5.10 are just some of the major brands that you’ll find there. Furthermore, the Park Store is a useful info point for hiring both motorbikes and electric bikes. Come and find us if you want to find out more information about our newest arrivals! We’re open from Wednesday to Sunday, 9:00 to 18:30.

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The structures that make up Maggiora Box Town were designed to offer our guests an ideal place to relax and spend a day focused solely on entertainment, with a constant view of the racetrack. The spaces are curated to the smallest detail: a mixture of modern and functional structures that will satisfy the needs of a rider just looking for some fun, as well as fulfilling the need for a space that’s attractive and equipped for business meetings. The feather in our cap is the wonderful museum dedicated to the history of motocross, which guarantees complete immersion in the evocative atmosphere of Maggiora. Contact us to find out more about using the venue for business meetings or special events.

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  • 2016

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