About the Area

Maggiora Park

Via Vignole 2 Cap 28014 Maggiora (NO) / Welcome center: TBC
GPS coordinates:
Track: ‎+45° 41′ 46.09″, +8° 25′ 17.04″
Welcome Centre: 45°43’42.3″N 8°26’18.8″E

We are one of the most important parks dedicated to Action Sports in Europe and we have always given very special moments and made history! We are ready to write more of it with you!

Maggiora Park (Novara, Italy) is one of the most important Action Sports parks in Europe and the biggest in Italy in terms of services and variety of disciplines to practise. The current Maggiora MX track was born in 2013 from the old, epic Maggiora Motocross circuit by increasing the existing number of tracks and facilities to encourage a wider range of two-wheel sports. The completed park was opened in May 2015, becoming a paradigm of Action Sports parks in terms of both layout and safety. Maggiora Park is the ultimate venue for all two-wheel action sport lovers and fans, as well as a multifunctional venue hosting several international events outside of this sphere.